Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Perfect Jerky

Purchasing half a cow gave us good reason to plan for ways to use and store it. One of the best methods we use is making jerky. The hands-on time is low, the recipe is simple, and voila - snack food for a week.

Spicy Asian Jerky
2 lbs roast
6 tb sesame oil
4 tb hot sauce
2 tb honey
5 tb tamari
3 tb ginger
3 tb garlic powder
2 ts pepper
1 tb dry mustard
Combine ingredients for marinade. Slice meat thinly (it helps if it is still slightly frozen) and place in plastic bag with marinade for an hour or longer. (In our case, we have to preheat our dehydrator for an hour, so this works perfectly.) Dehydrate meat using any convenient method. Our dehydrator usually takes around 6 hours at 150 degrees.

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